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By BootsnAll | February 20th, 2009

Royal Caribbean is one of the major cruise companies, with an impressive list of destinations served and a ship in its fleet that is the largest passenger vessel on earth. Despite the company’s name, the list of places you can go with a Royal Caribbean cruise goes far beyond the Caribbean – including Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Mexico, the Panama Canal and South America. And if you think that is impressive, consider that the company also has private resorts in Haiti (yes, Haiti) and the Bahamas which are exclusively used by guests on its ships. The bottom line is that if a cruise is in your future, you will want to seriously consider making it a Royal Caribbean cruise.

But as with many things that are undeniably fabulous, Royal Caribbean cruises come at a price. The good news is that even Royal Caribbean offers discounts and deals now and again. And if you look to the left, you will see of the deals which are currently on offer from this cruise line. Now, these deals will change regularly as the old offers get booked up or expire and new offers become available, so it would be a good idea (in other words, you should do this) to bookmark this page and check back frequently so you are ready to jump on a great deal as soon as it is posted.

Certainly, one of the great perks of a cruise is that you have paid for the bulk of your vacation expenses up front, allowing you to budget better for your holiday and (assuming you can keep trinket purchases to a minimum) not get hit with credit card surprises months later. But even with that in mind, getting a great deal or a discount on a Royal Caribbean cruise will make the whole experience even sweeter.

As this is being written, the Royal Caribbean deals on offer include a seven-day Caribbean cruise for $649, a five-day Caribbean cruise for $334, and a four-day Mexico/Baja cruise for $249. There is also an offer listed which, in addition to providing a discount on any cruise you choose, comes with $100 of on-board spending money.

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