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By BootsnAll | February 20th, 2009

Despite the name, Norwegian Cruise Lines is not, in fact, based in Norway. The cruise company is based in Florida, although it was founded in the 1960s by Norwegians – so perhaps that makes the whole thing okay. Norwegian Cruise Lines advertises its “freestyle cruising,” meaning there are not the usual set times or assigned seating for meals and also that formal wear is not a requirement, as a major benefit of its cruises. This can be a real perk if other cruises you have taken have seemed too restrictive – you are on vacation, after all.

The Norwegian Cruise Lines list of destinations served is impressive, and includes the usual suspects like Alaska, the Caribbean and the Mexican Riviera along with more far-flung places like Hawaii, the Panama Canal, Europe and South America. There are even interesting cruises to places you might not think of as being cruise destinations, like Canada and the Pacific Coast of the United States. And for those of you who are really pressed for time but want a seriously quick getaway, Norwegian Cruise Lines also offers weekend cruises and (for the truly busy) “One Nighters.”

No matter what kind of cruise you decide to take, or what your destination is, you do not want to be paying too much for your vacation – you work hard for that money, you should not give any more of it to the cruise company than you have to! So check out the list of Norwegian cruise deals to the left – these are only offered for a limited time, and this list could change from one day to the next, but chances are that there should be one deal available when you visit that works for you and tempts you into a cruise vacation.

Because the deals can change frequently, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back often to make sure you do not miss out on a great deal. This way you can keep track of what kinds of deals are offered and then, when you are finally ready to book your cruise, you know a great cruise discount when you see one.

As this is being written, some of the Norwegian Cruise deals include a seven-day Alaska Inside Passage cruise for $649, a seven-day Caribbean cruise for $579, a seven-day Mexico cruise for $499 and a seven-day Bermuda cruise for $499. Check back soon to see what new cruise deals are available!

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