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By BootsnAll | February 20th, 2009

Taking a Mediterranean cruise sounds blissful – relaxing in luxurious on-board splendor as your moving hotel takes you from one amazing European city to another. Yes, that is certainly an excellent way to spend a vacation. But just the word “Mediterranean” sounds overly expensive and out of reach for most of us, right? Well, the good news is that Mediterranean cruises actually make a trip to Europe more affordable than you might think.

First of all, cruises are often a really economical way to travel, because with all-inclusive cruise deals you are paying for your accommodation and most of your meals up front. That means you are better able to budget for your trip, and not worry about getting hit with unexpected credit card bills months later. Second, cruise companies are always running specials and discounts, so it is really easy to avoid paying full price for Mediterranean cruises – if you know where to look.

One great place to look is just to the left on this page, where you will see a list of Mediterranean cruise deals. This list is constantly being updated with new cheap cruises, and the ones you see today may be sold out or expired by tomorrow. So in order to keep up with what is new, we recommend that you bookmark this page and check back often – even if you are not planning a Mediterranean cruise in the near future, this will allow you to get familiar with the kinds of deals that come up so you will know a really great deal when you see one.

Because this list is constantly changing, the deals available at the time of this writing may not be available when you are looking at it – but to give you an idea of the kinds of cruise discounts which you may find here, these are some of the cheap Mediterranean cruises which are on offer at the moment: a seven-day cruise leaving from Genoa for $971 per person, a seven-day cruise leaving from Barcelona for $649 per person, and a seven-day cruise leaving from Rome for $619 per person. Check out the list right now and see what looks tempting to you!

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