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By BootsnAll | February 20th, 2009

Carnival Cruise Lines is certainly one of the major cruise line companies, offering regular tours of everywhere from Alaska to Europe to Hawaii to the Caribbean to Panama – they even have a cruise of Canada and New England. One of the company’s claims to fame is its focus on making cruises more affordable, and their many already-affordable cruises are made even more reasonable if you are able to take advantage of some of these Carnival Cruise Lines deals.

Even a cruise company like Carnival, with its inexpensive alternatives to the luxury cruise tours, will offer special discounts and perks now and then – you just have to be poised to grab them when you see them. We suggest that you bookmark this page so you can check back often and be ready to pounce when one of these Carnival Cruise deals works for you. The list will change regularly, as new deals are added and old ones are booked or expire, so even if there is very little available when you check one day the list might be full not long after that.

There was only one Carnival Cruise Lines deal available as this was being written – it was for a free upgrade on Carnival cruises, which is never a bad thing. Getting more without paying more? Sounds good, right? Well, keep an eye on this space to see what other great offers the Carnival folks will put out there for you.

Carnival Cruises are known as “The Fun Ships” and feature Las Vegas-style entertainment on board, so you will certainly not lack for things to do. They also have a reputation for appealing to the child in all of us with their creative “towel animals” they leave in each cabin. And, if you really need an excuse to relax and recharge without the distractions of shore excursions, take one of Carnival’s “Cruises to Nowhere” – it is everything you have come to love about a cruise, but the ship just does not dock for a few days. This gives you a chance to unwind, taking advantage of all the ship’s amenities and not even worrying about what you might be missing if you decide to sleep in.

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