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By BootsnAll | February 20th, 2009

Many people take trips to Mexico but only see one town – they stick to the one beach resort they know, and never venture further than their favorite beach chair. But if you want to explore more cities in Mexico without sacrificing the relaxing luxury of that favorite beach chair, however, check into the many Mexico cruises which are available.

Cruises make it easy to cover lots of ground without the daily hassle of packing and unpacking, or moving from one hotel to another. Perhaps the biggest perk of Mexico cruises is that your hotel moves with you. Of course, the fabulous beaches at the various ports of call does not hurt, either. And this way you are not limited to the one city you fly in and out of, you get to visit several places.

You might think that Mexico cruises would be really expensive, but most of the time they are a great bargain vacation option. What is more, there are almost always great Mexico cruise deals available to make the price even better. You will find cruise specials on the list to the left of this page. Specials like this change regularly, as new deals are added and the old ones get sold out, so it is a good idea to bookmark this page and check back often to make sure you always know what cruise deals are offered at any given time.

Even if you are not planning a Mexico cruise at the moment, knowing the kinds of deals which are available will help you recognize a particularly amazing deal when you see it. Then you will be ready to pounce on that great deal right away – you will have already done your research ahead of time! At the time of this writing, some of the deals available include a seven-day Mexico cruise for $649 per person, a seven-day Mexico cruise for $499 per person, and a four-day Mexico cruise for only $249 per person.

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